Monday, August 17, 2009

Some photos

Not much to share. On Saturday we headed to Walwa for the day to visit Mum and Dad and Shell and Brian who were up there camping. Here are some pics I took (bear in mind they are re-sized for easier loading so the quality is not as good as IRL.

The one of all of us was the best of a bad bunch - guess we are just not that photogenic...not at the same time anyway. Someones eyes are closed, some one is looking away, someones belly is showing. (I'll give you one guess as to who that could be?)

Oh - the concentration just blows me away. We might just make a football player out of him yet.

To really appreciate this, I should of taken some video. This is Tori pretending to be a seagull. The noise she makes is truly horrendous, but gee it makes us laugh.

And finally - my favourite shot of the weekend - possibly worthy of blowing up and framing - the gorgeous Tori in Aunt Shells hat....

On that note - have a good one everyone.

Hugs all round



Monday, August 10, 2009

All dressed up...

Ok all, here are some pics of our night out on Saturday. The ball was alot of fun and I think that we all scrubbed up OK! Michelle and I felt great and the boys....well...what can I say? A man in a tux. "Hubba Bubba Baby".

This is one of my favourite pics of the night.
A huge big thank you to our darling sister Debbie who drove and hour and half to come and babysit for us - you have no idea how much we appreciated it. Thank you.
Thanks for looking.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Q. How do you end a drought?

A. Have Ray and Anthea build a!

Seriously, it has barely stopped raining since they did the site cut two weeks ago. The block is looking a little like a mini lake (OK maybe not that bad...but you get the idea). The slab was meant to go in this week, but nooooo it rained and it really hasn't stopped and doesn't look like stopping for a while yet. Now for the past few years I have not complained about any rain we have had. In fact, regardless of what was happening I have thanked the Lord above for ANY rain he has sent our way...but this thanks are a little half hearted. I am glad we are filling up the dams, but slightly disappointed about the fact that nothing will happen with the house until that slab gets laid...oh well....maybe next week?

On another note.....we are looking forward to going out tomorrow night. Ray and I will be dolled up to the nines for a black tie ball we are attending. Stay tuned for some pics....nice ones I hope!