Monday, March 30, 2009

This week - Part 2

...actually last week was this week at the time and so now this week is now last week and next week is actually this week and .....are you thoroughly confused yet?

As promised here is some photos Ray took on I said some of the BIG BOYS will be envious....

Yes, on Friday Ray was lucky enough to be taken to Melbourne for an all expense paid trip to the Grand Prix....needless to say he had a great time. He had to remind me that in these pics the cars were moving at 300kms per hour....(I am not sure if that is exaggerated - but somehow I doubt it.) My fav is the RedBull one! Oh - and the police car was in the infield....I feel a career change coming on.
Now today has been a big day...firstly Matthews class ran assembly for the entire school and did a bit of a presentation. Matthew's job was to hold the microphone for his friend - he did it very well! Here the are on stage....thought I had better blank out the other faces for privacy reasons...

And last, but not least - here is Tori at the Play School I didn't decide to bring her until about an hour before it started and the race was on to get tickets....eventually after some running around....we found out you could buy them at the door. Let me tell you it was the best $27.00 I ever spent - Tori had a blast - she sang, danced, screamed, stomped and clapped with the best of them. Now the photos didn't come out that great, but I wanted to show you how much fun she had so I have put together a bit of a 'collage' for you...Hope this goes...
Ok - that isn't too bad - it is the best I could do anyway! Hope you get the idea! She did this after a morning at playgroup, so needless to say she was pretty 'stuffered' when we got home!
Ciao for now & MWAH!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This week - Part 1

As usual, I haven't been keeping up to date on the news of late, so I thought that I would try and catch you all up. First things first....hello to Diane and Pierre in Quebec- glad to know you are reading this blog faithfully, even if you are not leaving messages! It was very nice to speak to you the other day. Thanks again for the gorgeous flowers, a lovely surprise. As promised - here is a pic of the flowers you sent....

These were taken with my new camera! They were the perfect subject for getting some still shots in - my new camera is the Canon 40D, and it does some amazing things - now I just have to learn how to use it. I imagine most of todays entry will be showing you some pics I have taken with it.

For those of you that hadn't guessed from the fact that I got flowers and a new camera - it was my birthday last week. Michelle & I were both spoilt rotten with some lovely gifts and being taken out for dinner....thanks guys....we enjoyed it! Here is a pic of the both of us with mum. I had to include mum cause she is after all the one who carried us for 7 months (we were 2 months prem), pushed us out (and found out after delivering me that she was having twins), and then raised us (to be two beautiful, gorgeous women - just like her!) ....hehehe...self praise - don't you love it!?

Ok - enough about that! Here are some pics I took of the kids the other day....

Wow - these new pics are taking ages to download....the first is of Tori screaming for her soo soo (short for soother in Canada, which is a dummy for my Aussie veiwers!). The second is of Tori about 30 seconds after screaming for her soo soo! The third is of Tori running to Matthew after she got in trouble for hitting me (no I will not tolerate being hit by my kids!). The fourth is an edited version of the third, that I like! The fifth is Matthew deciding he wanted to get in the way of the camera which I think is a great photo. The 6th is a typical Sunday morning at our place, Matthew on the playstation, Tori in the back ground playing and watching him playing.....don't you just love the blurred effect?

Well - I was going to add a bit more, but have to have the computer off in 10 minutes as earth hour starts then! This page will probably take ages to download now. Will try to get back on tomorrow to put on some pics of what Ray did yesterday - I imagine that alot of the big boys WILL be envious.
Hope I haven't bored you all too much. Karen a big hello and Happy Birthday to you, hope you had a great day!
Hugs all round...

Friday, March 27, 2009

A little story...

...because Jaime's last blog about Caty's princess party reminded me of it and it made me laugh all over again, for those of you that have heard it before, sorry!

Just after Matthew had turned 4, we had the following conversation in the car...

Matthew - "Muuummm?"
Me - "Yes Matthew?"
Matthew - "For my next birthday I am going to have a PRINCESS party!"
Me - "Thats nice Matthew!" (For lack of a better response in 'the' moment.)
Matthew - "Yes - I am going to have a princess party and I am going to be the KING!"

Moral of the story: Keep your princesses away from Matthew!

More tomorrow....


Friday, March 20, 2009

Introducing baby Alex

I finally got permission from Kaz to put a pic up of Alex - so here he is with Tori, do you think they might be the best of friends??? Probably not, cause Tori will smother him with love....

Aren't they adorable....?

Hugs all round -


Monday, March 16, 2009

More ramblings...

Wow - it is March already, where does the time go? We have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing the past few weeks. Ray had a birthday! He was very happy when I finally gave in and got him a milkshake maker. I was convinced that the blender would do just as good a job, but noooo, Ray had to have a milkshake maker. He has enjoyed whipping us up ice coffee, chocolate and strawberry shakes and I must say they are DELISH. We didn't do much for the event, but did have a cake which I decorated.....yes....that is right....I, as in ME, MOI, MYSELF! Here is a pic of the amazing piece of art that I created....drum roll....ta da....

Oops, turn head to just 'gorgeous' isn't it? Ray says it is the best decorated cake he EVER had? Brian says it looked like the New York city skyline, Michelle thinks it was the best cake she had seen in ages, Matthew was ogling all the lollies (candies for our international friends), Tori was mesmerized by the sparklers and Dylan just laughed. Me - well I am still amazed that I actually decided to even attempt decorating a cake, the fact that it was a store bought cake is a pretty good indication of how much I love baking, etc! I wont tell you what the cake tasted like, except that after half a piece of cake each, we had all had enough!!

My darling friend Karen finally had her was a boy...he was 9lb 4oz and 58.5cm long.....he is going to be soooooo tall! (Tori and he will make quite the pair!) I would love to post a pic here, but I haven't asked her permission we will have to wait. He is absolutely adorable and he is cute enough to want to eat! Congrats to Kaz, Shane and the boys on their new addition.
I had my last week away for my post grad. I now only have about a billion assignments to do before May....(OK, a billion is a slight stretch, but I am sure you know what I mean.) Anyone out there want to write an essay on breast cancer trends since the 1930s? No didn't think so.

Over the weekend, I got a bit of scrapping done (for any scrapping friends that come here), I got a bit creative and even made some of my own papers (with the computer), this was my creation....

We also got our 'new to us' caravan cleaned up a bit. Will put some pics on here when we get it looking a bit still needs a bit of work. We also got an amazing downpour of rain - got some amazing photos of it but cant seem to upload anymore right now....maybe I have put too many on in one post....(I don't think that is it, but I cant think of a better reason right now??)

Well, I have rambled on enough....will try to keep more up to date with this blogging thing....but I aint promising anything. With a family, school, work and more, I sometimes am easily distracted. Oh...for our LP friends....Tori finally has an appointment next month with the geneticist, orthopaedic guru, social worker, etc. She hasn't seen them in almost a year, so I am praying everything is OK, wish us luck!

Bye for now...

Anthea xoxo