Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yes - poor blog you have been neglected....

....and for that I am truly sorry!

I guess I don't get on here that much because in all honesty I am not sure that anyone is even reading it half the time. It is hard to maintain something when you think no one is interested.

As for house photos - there are still some things that need to be done before I really want to take pics, there is some painting that needs to be finished, and a few little odds and ends. I will get some up soon I promise....I haven't forgotten that I promised them.
In the meantime here are some photos over the last few no particular order.

Cool boy!

Gorgeous Gal

Those packing boxes were so much fun to play in.
Cute - even when throwing a tantrum.
This is our friend Nate giving us his "treasure" face.

Tori at swimming lessons. Just before her first swimming lesson.

BTW she got her first sticker the other day, for floating with a device on her own for 10 seconds....she was pretty proud....or at least Mummy was. The first night in the house, this is how the kids slept! Actually for the first 3 weeks or so they ended up like this because Matthew's bed was all over the room while waiting for replacement parts.....don't ask! Will post a pic of the bed next post. Burying Matthew in the gravel!? Matthew burying Tori in the gravel. Just a cute one of the two of them playing. Do you kind of get the idea that even though they argue and sister lets say.....they love eachother VERY much? Well that is it for photos. As most of you know I have resigned from my job. If you want more insight into that I have posted on it here. It was big decision to leave a job that I love, but sometimes a gal has got to do what a gal has to do. I start my new job next week as an non-emergency ambulance attendant....looking forward to it. Sounds like it will be a fairly relaxed and fun type of job.

The house is coming along nicely...but very slowly. We are starting to get annoyed at the lack of progress. There are still things that need to be done and we want them done now...I mean come on. We have been pretty patient, but the patience is wearing thin. Matthew loves it here and he is outside 90% of the time kicking his footy - gotta love that. He is often covered in mud - but at least he is getting some fresh air.

Ray, unfortuantly, has been way too busy at work. With some massive restructruing going on and him having to take on more than one role it seems like we hardly see him. It should settle soon though which will be really nice. Then it will be time for him to get stuck into the new garden.

I have been enjoying my scrapping heaps and for more info on that you can check out my scrapping blog. Something has got to keep me sane.

Tori is Tori - she is a busy 3 year old who wants to be doing something every minute. She is a bright little thing (at least I think so). She says her alphabet, counts to 14 or there abouts, sings so many songs it isn't funny (but my favourite is her version of 'shut up and drive'), knows her colours, writes her name (on the new walls sometimes), recognises some letters....

Nothing else to really tell.

Hope everyone is well. Hugs to you all and please remember even though I am not always blogging, you are all in my thoughts.