Monday, May 25, 2009

Scrapping Fun

Ok -for those of you that don't know, I dabble in scrapbooking. I certainly am not the best scrapper around, but I have a bit of fun and find it very therapeutic. I also love that it is a great way to preserve history and tell a story. In the year and half that I have doing this, I really am lucky to have created about 20 - 25 pages....and this weekend I did 5!

This weekend I participated in my first ever cybercrop (actually my first crop of any kind) and had a blast. A cybercrop is where a bunch of scrappers get together online and participate in challenges set by the organizers and sponsors. Now none of my pages are by any means good enough to win any prizes but I thought it might be fun to show you what I created. So without further ado.....

Here they are...

The journalling reads:
On this bridge – we played, we laughed, we cried. We shared dreams and hopes. We fished. We put on concerts for the birds. We pretended we were birds. We raced. We waved at Mum and Dad, or anyone else who passed by. We were captains on our own ship. We were famous explorers. We were anything we wanted to be!I *heart* THIS BRIDGE

This challenge was particulary hard....had to use orange, hot pink, polka dots and the word buzz or bloom in the title. I didn't have any polka dots to I made it with paint. The colours are not really coming through, but the heart is bright orange.

This is perhaps my favoutite LO of the weekend...but I will be changing the title to "I'm Here" as in hindsight I think it works better. Here is a link to a you-tube video of the song if you are interested.... "I Volunteer" . Pretty much sums up what I want for Matthew to know.

This challenge was the hardest of them all - producing some of the best pages. You had to use only black and white patterned papers and cardstock, had to use button clusters to accentuate your journalling and the photos had to have a strong connection between the past and the present. I nearly backed out of this challenge, but am glad I didn't as I really like the result.
And it opens up to this.....

And last but not least (according to the judges....cause I just found out this one won!)
A sketch challenge. Tori meeting Alex for the first time. I am surprised it won and figure the judges were just being nice to me - for whatever reason?! There were alot more entries in this challenge that were far more deserving.

If you got this far...thanks for looking. If you were one of the people participating in the CC with me...thanks...I enjoyed your company over the weekend and look forward to another one, everyones work was amazing!

Hope you like my pages. Better go now...and tidy up all the mess I made while creating.

Bye for now...

Hugz to all



Friday, May 15, 2009

Guess whos 2?

Tori is - that's who!

The week before last (Yes I have been slack) our darling gal turned 2. The last year has been a big one, starting with her Christening, some minor surgery, a trip to Canada to visit Nan and the rest of the crew, childcare, etc. Somehow though we got through. Thanks to those of you who have supported us through the tough times and laughed at the good times and to those of you who have just been there by our sides saying nothing, but letting us always know you were there!

Tori - from 1 to 2 !!!!

1st Birthday


First hair cut - she was better with it all by the end.
In LA....(one very tired girl in this photo)

First PIGGY Tails.

The day before turning 2

Yet again - I am struggling with blogger...uggh. Melisa I tried to use the windows video maker and was doing great until blogger wouldn't let me load it due to its 'extension' - any ideas on how to change it to an AVI?
Hope you are all well.
Til' next time....
Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Mum...

Mum - as promised - here are some of the long awaited Easter Pics - sorry it has taken soooo long! Warning to everyone else....heaps of pics in this post!

Firstly - some pics of Easter was all kind of fun cause it was the first year that Tori really understood that something fun was happening. She found her stash fairly quickly and it took her a whole of about 2 seconds to figure out what to do with the eggs! The expressions on her face were priceless.

Secondly, for those of you that don't know, we do a kind of annual Easter camping trip with my family. This year we headed out the week after Easter and had a pretty good time, the weather was good and Ray and Moi enjoyed the new/old van. Tori was pretty sick for some of the trip - but by the end of it - she was right into it! Now, I took over 500 photos of the Easter you will only see some of my very favs here today...but for anyone out there who knows do I do a slide show thingy? I think it would be a heap easier than downloading a ton of pics????? HEEEELLLLLPPPPP please!

Pic 1 - The veiw we woke up to every morning .... oh how I would love to wake up to that every day of my life. (PS; This pic was taken minutes before a dust storm, hence the hazy look to the pic!)

Pic 2 - What is camping without a campfire...(very well contained I promise)...couldn't choose which fire pic to upload, so I kind of closed my eyes and clicked.

Pic 3 - Not a particulary good photo...but one that shows I am not lying when I say, Tori was 'pole dancing'.

Pic 4 - what is and always has been referred to as 'THE BRIDGE'. In years gone by, when Shell and I were younger than Matthew now....we played on this bridge for hours and hours. I love this pic....perhaps my favourite of the whole holiday!!!!!

Pic 5 - Michelle trying to get on to that darn old tree stump that we are both soooo sure was never so hard to climb when we were 8!

Pic 6 - Me - showing Shell how it is done...???!!! (Different angle of course)

Pic 7 - Just a cool pic of Matthew on the bridge. (Does he ever take a bad pic?)

Pic 8 - 'Just let me fix my hair'. Michelle so 'not' intentionally posing for the camera.

Pic 9 - My gorgeous Mum....yes it is blurry...but I still love the photo!

Pic 10 - The worm that Matthew caught with a fish!

Pic 11- Now this is what camping is all about - mud castles by the campfire...hehe.

Pic 12 - My daddy!

Pic 13 - Matthew taking the phrase 'go climb a tree' literally!

Pic 14 - My gorgeous nephew with a snake around his neck..................................................................(no not really.... he'd probably freak, it is just a tyre tube....I think!)

Pic 15 - Ray.....Love the hat babe.

Ok - that is it! There were, as I mentioned, many more pics to choose from - but I think this bunch gives a reasonably good idea of our holiday. Brian and Adam managed to avoid the camera somehow but I do solemly swear that I will catch you both one day! Hope you enjoyed. Will be back soon with some Tori b'day pics!

Hugs and Kisses