Friday, May 15, 2009

Guess whos 2?

Tori is - that's who!

The week before last (Yes I have been slack) our darling gal turned 2. The last year has been a big one, starting with her Christening, some minor surgery, a trip to Canada to visit Nan and the rest of the crew, childcare, etc. Somehow though we got through. Thanks to those of you who have supported us through the tough times and laughed at the good times and to those of you who have just been there by our sides saying nothing, but letting us always know you were there!

Tori - from 1 to 2 !!!!

1st Birthday


First hair cut - she was better with it all by the end.
In LA....(one very tired girl in this photo)

First PIGGY Tails.

The day before turning 2

Yet again - I am struggling with blogger...uggh. Melisa I tried to use the windows video maker and was doing great until blogger wouldn't let me load it due to its 'extension' - any ideas on how to change it to an AVI?
Hope you are all well.
Til' next time....
Hugs and Kisses


Melisa said...

Happy Birthday Tori! A cutie you are. Amazing how much they change during the first couple years. When I used Windows Video Maker it automatically turned the extension into a WMV which blogger uploads. Not sure why blogger would be asking you for an AVI extension.

Jaime said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Tori! She is such a cute! Love seeing the pictures!

Kim said...

I always thought Tori should be a model. She is that precious! That Christening picture is just gorgeous. She grew up so much in just one short year! She is beyond adorable and here's wishing Tori a great year and many more fun birthdays!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Tori! She is such a beautiful girl!

Katie said...

I have ALWAYS thought that Tori was such a cute girl!! She is seriously so pretty!!! What a great post and happy birhtday!

mejane said...

Happy Birthday Tori! She has the most gorgeous eyes! Anthea -- thanks for the concerned e-mail. We've been somewhat busier than usual but I still should have time to blog. Haven't been motivated, that's all. Plus, it's the end of the TV season and I'm catching up on all the finalies. I only have time to watch and/or blog at night when the boys are in bed. They keep me so busy during the day. Jakey is such a climber and like you, I freak out when I see him up off the ground (ie on step stools). I have to literally keep him within my eyesight at all times. I'll blog soon to catch everyone up.

Diane and Pierre said...

Happy Birthday Tori! It is so nice to see her growing up through your pictures Anthea.
It was also great to see pictures of the whole family in your Easter blog. Your are surely putting your new camera through its paces. Just loved the pre-storm and bridge pictures.
We wish you the best and can't wait to see you all again.

Diane & Pierre :) :) :)

Annie said...

Love, Love, Love!!!!! We miss you all so much and wish we could spend every birthday with you! xoxo

Sue said...

Hi Anthea! Sorry I missed this post. Am glad Tori had a happy birthday! She is so cute and the pics are great. Hope all is well with you and that you have squeezed some scrapping in somewhere. I just finished a CC over at Scrapbooking Top 50 which was great. Have fun with the SM CC - I am so disappointed we are going away...

Kasia and Amelia said...

Hello Tori and Family! Nice to meet you, my name is Kasia and I am Amelia's mom, Amelia is almost 4.5 months old! I adore Tori, she is so precious! Happy belated birthday! My older son Ollie - will be two in 1.5 month! All the best to you! Kasia and Amelia