Monday, March 16, 2009

More ramblings...

Wow - it is March already, where does the time go? We have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing the past few weeks. Ray had a birthday! He was very happy when I finally gave in and got him a milkshake maker. I was convinced that the blender would do just as good a job, but noooo, Ray had to have a milkshake maker. He has enjoyed whipping us up ice coffee, chocolate and strawberry shakes and I must say they are DELISH. We didn't do much for the event, but did have a cake which I decorated.....yes....that is right....I, as in ME, MOI, MYSELF! Here is a pic of the amazing piece of art that I created....drum roll....ta da....

Oops, turn head to just 'gorgeous' isn't it? Ray says it is the best decorated cake he EVER had? Brian says it looked like the New York city skyline, Michelle thinks it was the best cake she had seen in ages, Matthew was ogling all the lollies (candies for our international friends), Tori was mesmerized by the sparklers and Dylan just laughed. Me - well I am still amazed that I actually decided to even attempt decorating a cake, the fact that it was a store bought cake is a pretty good indication of how much I love baking, etc! I wont tell you what the cake tasted like, except that after half a piece of cake each, we had all had enough!!

My darling friend Karen finally had her was a boy...he was 9lb 4oz and 58.5cm long.....he is going to be soooooo tall! (Tori and he will make quite the pair!) I would love to post a pic here, but I haven't asked her permission we will have to wait. He is absolutely adorable and he is cute enough to want to eat! Congrats to Kaz, Shane and the boys on their new addition.
I had my last week away for my post grad. I now only have about a billion assignments to do before May....(OK, a billion is a slight stretch, but I am sure you know what I mean.) Anyone out there want to write an essay on breast cancer trends since the 1930s? No didn't think so.

Over the weekend, I got a bit of scrapping done (for any scrapping friends that come here), I got a bit creative and even made some of my own papers (with the computer), this was my creation....

We also got our 'new to us' caravan cleaned up a bit. Will put some pics on here when we get it looking a bit still needs a bit of work. We also got an amazing downpour of rain - got some amazing photos of it but cant seem to upload anymore right now....maybe I have put too many on in one post....(I don't think that is it, but I cant think of a better reason right now??)

Well, I have rambled on enough....will try to keep more up to date with this blogging thing....but I aint promising anything. With a family, school, work and more, I sometimes am easily distracted. Oh...for our LP friends....Tori finally has an appointment next month with the geneticist, orthopaedic guru, social worker, etc. She hasn't seen them in almost a year, so I am praying everything is OK, wish us luck!

Bye for now...

Anthea xoxo


Melisa said...

You have been a busy gal! That rainfall must have been nice I am sure after all the heat you have had lately...although I am thinking it was probably pretty humid. I am ready for spring here! I'll be looking for more pictures.

Tonya said...

Never a dull moment huh!

I love the cake, very smart!!

The scrap book is darling!!I wish I could be that creative!

Kim said...

The cake is beautiful! It did look like a skyline of buildings! Very colorful! I hope Tori's appointments go well. I am sure she will get a clean bill of health! Cannot wait to see new pictures.

SkyeMJ said...

Hi Anthea!
Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving such lovely comments!
I am a terrible blog hopper, but I willtry to repay the favour every now and then!

Love this LO - the hidden journalling tab is gorgeous and I always love those Bella Cork letters! :)

Hope you're well mate!

ps - your cake looks better than anything I've ever come up with!!!

Kathie said...

love the story and I love the cake!! Thanks for sharing with us.
Love ya chickie see you real soon