Monday, March 30, 2009

This week - Part 2

...actually last week was this week at the time and so now this week is now last week and next week is actually this week and .....are you thoroughly confused yet?

As promised here is some photos Ray took on I said some of the BIG BOYS will be envious....

Yes, on Friday Ray was lucky enough to be taken to Melbourne for an all expense paid trip to the Grand Prix....needless to say he had a great time. He had to remind me that in these pics the cars were moving at 300kms per hour....(I am not sure if that is exaggerated - but somehow I doubt it.) My fav is the RedBull one! Oh - and the police car was in the infield....I feel a career change coming on.
Now today has been a big day...firstly Matthews class ran assembly for the entire school and did a bit of a presentation. Matthew's job was to hold the microphone for his friend - he did it very well! Here the are on stage....thought I had better blank out the other faces for privacy reasons...

And last, but not least - here is Tori at the Play School I didn't decide to bring her until about an hour before it started and the race was on to get tickets....eventually after some running around....we found out you could buy them at the door. Let me tell you it was the best $27.00 I ever spent - Tori had a blast - she sang, danced, screamed, stomped and clapped with the best of them. Now the photos didn't come out that great, but I wanted to show you how much fun she had so I have put together a bit of a 'collage' for you...Hope this goes...
Ok - that isn't too bad - it is the best I could do anyway! Hope you get the idea! She did this after a morning at playgroup, so needless to say she was pretty 'stuffered' when we got home!
Ciao for now & MWAH!


Kim said...

Tori is so ridiculously adorable! I cannot take her expressions. They are just priceless. She is going to be a heartbreaker! She must keep you on your toes all day long!

Melisa said...

Tori is a little cutie. Love the collage. How did you get that on the blog?

Anonymous said...

HI beautiful... YOua re really good with a camera, these pictures are great. Maybe you should thing of changing profession. Love you lots.