Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Hi all, I am a bit slack on the blogging this week but intend to catch you all up now.

First things first, Tori's visit to the specialist on Tuesday went well. After a later start than planned, we got to the Children's Hospital with only about a minute to spare....(not bad for a three hour trip!). Thankfully the doctors were running a bit late so we had time to catch our breath. As soon as we got into the waiting room, I realised that there was another young LP in the waiting room with her family.

Me, being so shy and all (I was really quite nervous), went up right away and introduced myself. It was sooooo nice to personally meet another LP family with a child under the age of 10 who lived in our state. That might sound crazy, but seriously, I have only ever met adult LPs or the parents of LPs. It turns out that their daughter is 6 and they live in country Victoria. They still live hours away, but hey....who cares? We swapped emails and I hope that we keep in touch.

We then met up with all the geneticist, orthopaedic guru and social worker and Tori got a clean bill of health. In fact, she is doing so well they don't want to see her for another year (unless we need to of course). They are going to arrange for a dietitian consult and try to organize an OT for us. The OT will hopefully give us some ideas for bikes, etc. We also are not sure if we should start introducing stools - we know we will have to eventually - but when Tori climbs up on one, it scares the living begeesus out of me, she is not so good at the height concept yet and most stools I have seen are really quite high. Maybe some of our LP friends can let me know what you did? Also, what did you do for beds? Did you lower a bed for your LP child or did you just let them climb up onto a regular one? Right now Tori is still in the cot, but at almost 2, it will soon be time to move her out.

Anyways, with the appointment over, we all jumped in the car and headed to one of the local shopping centers and did some retail therapy. We didn't buy too much, but we did manage to find Tori a really cute pair of sneakers (joggers for some of you) that fit really well. I was very excited by this buy, as buying shoes for Tori is a nightmare - although I must say, in the last month she has amassed quite a collection. The trip home was uneventful, and we arrived home safely at around 8ish. Pretty good effort for 12 hours if I may say so myself.

Well....other than that, nothing much happening. I did today finally finish that rotten assignment I was working on. I don't imagine I will be topping the class with my effort, but I am pretty positive I will pass. On Monday we did manage a trip to the park, so my pics today will be of that, be warned, the kids had an egg hunt and there is chocolate all over their faces!

Now, I was going to end it here...but while loading these pics....I saw some others from last week that I wanted to share with you all, for no other reason than...I like them!
And these are of Matthew with the Boomerang he made at school as part of his indigenous people studies last term.

OK - Blogger is just not working for me tonight, I can not get this set up the way I want, so I hope you can forgive the big mess it is making, cause I give up, time for beddy byes for me! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and that the Easter Bunny hops on over to where you are.
Ciao for now.....


Kim said...

So great that Tori got a clean bill of health AND you got to meet a family. As far as a bed, Preston's crib (cot) transformed from a crib to toddler bed and then it will turn to a full bed. (Check out a few blog posts ago from me there is a picture with his new bedding). He is able to get on and off himself. Stools-did not really use them until he was over 2 because I was nervous too. Now he is almost three and a half and an old pro!
Thanks for the new pics of the kids. They are such good looking children! Happy Easter!

Karolee Aspin said...

Glad all is well with Tori - she is SO cute! We will have to meet in person at some point.
Matthew how grown from the "little boy/toddler" look into a young man. Where does the time go??
What class are you taking?
We're well. Noel isn't working but that was his choice. IBM was driving him around the bend.
Spring has FINALLY sprung here! Yippee -- as you head into winter.
Bye for now.

mejane said...

Yes, as Kim mentioned we were thinking about transferring Daniel's (3 yrs, AH) toddler bed to Jakey. It's low to the ground and there are side rails (well, for at least half of it). He still can't climb into it himself but he's only 17 months old and we aren't ready to move him out of his crib yet anyway.
Tori is such a doll. Glad to hear that everything went well during the doctor's visit!

Sue said...

Hi Anthea! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks great and all the pics of Matthew and Tori are sooo cute!
I will be bugging you next week to see if you've launched your health Have fun in the meantime! (I've decided that I get a day off tomorrow for Brielle's birthday.)

Jenni said...

Hi Anthea thanks for stopping buy my blog and the words of encouragement. Your children are beautiful. Love all your photos