Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm a happy little Vegemite!!!

Wow, between the heat (38+ degrees) and a sad one at work, I am feeling a bit drained, so I thought I would chill out here in front of the computer for a bit.
In my excitement about finally having and figuring out how to run a blog, I think that I may have committed a 'blog faux pas' by linking to a couple of people who hadn't given me permission, so I have deleted them from my list at this time. I do apologize if I have offended anyone.
I really don't have much more to say, except have a great day, night or whatever. Oh...and I am going to add a photo...I wanted a good Australia day one, but didn't get around to it, so I thought in keeping with the theme I would add this old one of Tori eating a vegemite sanga! It's a pic I love and look forward to 'scrapping' one day. Hugs to all and MWAH!


Sarah said...

Hi. I'm Sarah, mom to Kaela and Will. We have a blog at adayinkaelaslife.blogspot.com
I just wanted to indroduce ourselves. Your kids are beautiful. I look forward to keeping up on your blog. May I link you to ours? Welcome to the blog community...there are so many wonderful families to get to know!

Melisa said...

Happy Australia day! Hot summery days for you. Love meeting people from different countries. I have 2 kids 6 & 3 with Aidan being my lil achon 3 year old kid. Looking forward to reading more posts.

Kim said...

You can link me up! We are at

I love your blog so far. Great layout! Can't wait to see more pictures!

mejane said...

Yeah, I can leave a comment! Good job!

Kim said...

Oh and zipper pulls are little charm like things that attach to a zipper on a jacket to make it easier for a kid to pull it up. If you go into my blog under October, there are pictures of Preston with a New York jacket on and a blue zipper pull with a P on it.