Monday, July 20, 2009

A few tidbits and our block.....

OK - first things first. Beth - this LO was the one that I did in response to the journal it challenge a few months ago. I know, I am a little slow in uploading, but better late than never I guess?

Secondly, the other week with me trying to encourage Matthews new found love of cooking, I asked him to cook us something in the slowcooker. I took him shopping and he picked the ingredients.....(OK - I did recommend the tomato and I forgot to take a pic of the meat, but this is what he chose.)

In case you can't see everything, there is celery, leak, mushroom, eggplant, onion, asparaus, tomatoes, garlic, some herb mixture thingo, capsicum, bok choy and not shown is the meat. The strawberries and cherries were for desert. Matthew cooked and prepared nearly everything - seriously the only things I did were the leek (cause I had never prepared it before), the eggplant, and I the bok choy (cause I didn't want to eat grit). Matthew tried to cut the onions, but gave up very quickly. This is what it turned out like....

Let me assure you - it was DELICIOUS. I am glad I took a photo, cause now we can replicate it.
What can I get him to cook next time?????
Next. Here is a photo of Tori in an outfit made especially for her by two very kind and special people. Sonia, a co-worker hemmed the jeans and added the butterfly as she knew how hard I was finding it to buy jeans for Tori, especially pretty girly ones. The jumper (or sweater for my US friends) was knitted by a patients wife who knew I was having trouble with finding jumpers...(you just can't hem a jumper). She has made it to fit, but has also put press studs in the head opening in case Tori couldn't get it over her head. I gave her free reign on the colours and I LOVE what she had come up with. Thank you to both of you for your very special gifts.....they are truly appreciated and I hope you can see from the photo how much Tori loves them.

Now - last but not least.....some pics of the block before the building begins tomorrow. These first 4 photos are from the 4 corners of the block. Excuse the sun flare in some of was going on sunset. I have had to compress the photos for blogger, but if you are really observant, you will see Ray and Matthew in the 2nd one, Tori in the 3rd one and Matthew in the 4th....but it will take some looking.

This was a photo I took while standing there talking with our builder......this was taken from where the patio will be......This is part of the veiw that we will be looking every day and night while we are living in this house.....This was the beginning of our first sunset on this block. THIS is part of why we fell in love with this block.

And... this is a reminder of where we are now. Yep, we are worn out and tired from running around today...but this is we start the next phase of our lives....wish us luck and please pray that this house turns out just the way we envision it and that we will indeed live happily ever after.

If you got this far...thanks for reading. Have a great day,evening or night, depending on where you are and when you read this.
Hugs to all.....


mejane said...

When you say "block" does that mean a peice of land where you are going to build a home? It's absolutely breath taking! I hope all goes well with the planning/building. I know what a huge project that is.
Tori's new outfit is so cute. It is 95 degrees (F) here so I can't imagine wearing a sweater and jeans, but she looks adorable in them.

Sue said...

Wow - the block looks stunning! (That view!) I wish you guys all the best with the building process, and am sure once it is complete you will make it a very happy home!
You could seriously have a Masterchef on your hands there in Matthew! Love the variety of ingredients he picked for his dish - he obviously has well-rounded taste!
As for Tori in her new jeans and jumper...what can I say? Gorgeous! I am a jeans addict and think everyone deserves a great pair of jeans. They look perfect!

Melisa said...

Oh Ant that property is gorgeous. That is all something that I can only dream of having. You will most definately have to keep me or us updated with the construction. How exciting and good luck!!

Katie said...

How beautiful! Good luck with the new house! Building a new home can be so stressful and so exciting at the same time! I can't wait for more pictures!

Kim said...

I am so happy for you guys and enjoy every phase of building. It was so much fun watching my parents' house go up and then watching them transform it into a home! I could not find your kids in the pictures-maybe I would have to expand the photos? Matthew's meal looked really good-even though it is breakfast time while I am writing this. Love Tori's outfit. It is really quite adorable.
Can you send me a link to those bands? Destini said Trace no longer wears the plugs-I'm thinking maybe he will be ok without anything-after all he is not swimming underwater-he just gets wet occasionally.

Diane and Pierre said...

You have been pursuing this dream for many years. We are so glad and happy for you. We`ve had the opportunity of building our house. It can be quite hectic at times but this fades away when you settle in for the first night and you can say "We are home!".
Looking forward for your updates on the construction.

Can`t wait to taste Matthew`s creations.

Talk to you soon.

Anthea said...

Mejane, yep that is what a 'block' is....couldn't remember the American term for it - Lot???

Dianne and Pierre - we can't wait to have you here to taste Matthew's food either. Don't think we will be in the new house by the time you get here....but we will be close. Oh well the next time you come we will be there and we can sip champagne on the patio, or drink beer or some Tim Tam slammers.....hehe.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful Anthea. Thanks for your comments. It was good. Next time you go to Melb there is an art store that sells craft on the main road off of Toorak. Sorry cant remember it but it is not far from the camberwell shopping centre, it is an orange colour and man it has some stuff in it!