Monday, December 14, 2009

Just some random pics...

Matthew and Tysha after the school concert......she doesn't have cooties Matthew!

The veiw from the upstairs bathroom in the new house....I can not wait to sit in that spa.

The house as it stands is going sooooooo slowly.

Tori in my pjs.....too cute.

Me and Dianne - it was great to see you! (I love this pic of us)

Thats all folks...
Hugs all round


Sue said...

House is looking good! I would LOVE to sit in that spa too! Kids are looking always! Love the PJ shot...LOL

Kim said...

The house looks amazing! It's so great to see how it has gone from a blank piece of land to this amazing structure! I love the picture of Matthew-he is getting so handsome-are the girls calling your house yet? And that little Tori bug! ADORABLE! Just want to eat her up (and yes you can make short jokes on my blog LOLOLOL!)

Greene Family said...

Your house looks amazing! I love your view from the spa! Matthew is such a handsome boy and the picture of Tori in your pjs is adorable!

Destini said...

Tori is so cute and Matthew is very handsome! Love the house too! Found your blog through Kim's, can't wait to see what you guys are up to! My son, Trace, is 4 and has achondroplasia. Our blog is

Kathie said...

Nice house.....going about the pace of mine at the moment :O