Monday, March 22, 2010

An Update

Gee - it's been a while hasn't it. Not a whole lot going on, March is nearly over and we should be moving into the new house in about a months time. It is coming along very nicely - I can't wait to be in it.
The new kitchen
Ray and I are both another year older....woo hoo :) We both had quiet but nice birthday's this year. Our pressy to ourselves is the house - we decided that there will be so many new things we want to buy once we are in that we will save our hard earned $s till then.

Tori is doing really well. She is finally toilet trained. She is growing 'up' so fast. She wants to do everything by herself. It is not uncommon to hear "NO! Me do it!" She is loving childcare and playgroup and her fun personality is just getting 'funner'. Her favourite activities now are playing outside, annoying her brother, Play School and Dora. She also has developed a fondness for writing on walls and tables. Ughh.

Tori with Alex and Abi from Play School

Tori reading to dad.

Tori on her first fair ride (with Matthew)

Matthew is doing well in school. I still can't believe that my 'little' boy is in grade 5. He is still the kind of kid who doesn't try very hard, but manages to do well anyway - one day I hope he will put some effort in. Matthew is still enjoying his swimming, but it won't be much longer before swimming lessons are over. If he wants to do squad - he will move into that. Football season is coming up and he is looking forward to that. He got to meet some Collingwood players the other day, and although I shudder writing that name, he loves them and was thrilled to get their signatures and his ball, hat, drinkbottle and anything else he had on him. He gave up the playstation for Lent (and has surprisingly stuck to it), but still loves his gameboy.

Matthew with a butterfly
(I STILL Love this photo)

I am right into my scrapping right now and loving it. Although I am not the world's greatest scrapper....I have so much fun cutting and pasting. It is soooo therapeutic. Sometimes I am asked what is the point of it. I guess the answer to that is, not only is it fun - it is a great way of documenting stories for the kids and future generations. Hopefully when I am gone from this world, my kids kids and their kids etc. will kind of know me through what I have written. I also really want to do a photography class.....I just love playing with the camera!

Ray is doing well. Still no hobbies to speak of, but he did enjoy watching Canada win lots of gold in the last olympics. The highlight for him was when Canada beat the US in the hockey in overtime - what a great game. He was hoping to get his boat licence before Easter, but I think he has left it a little late. Ray has to have some surgery on his foot next week to remove a piece of glass that has been embedded in there for about...... 3 months. Crazy fool left it that long to go to the doctors to get it checked out. *insert rolling eye emoticon here*. He will be off work for a week recovering (don't ask me why it is gonna take that long - I think they plan on cutting the whole foot off.)
Anyway - just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive and doing well - hope everyone else is well too.

Hugs all round & MWAH.


Destini said...

Can't wait too see more pictures of the house - I'm sure you are all so excited! Sounds like everyone is doing well - and that is a great picture of Matthew with the butterfly! Hope Ray has a speedy recovery!

Diane and Pierre said...

It's great to have news from you and the family. With the house, it is getting close; hang in there.

Kim said...

I am so excited to see pictures of the house! I have been following along on Facebook whenever you post a picture. It looks great. Congrats on the toilet traning. We are still working on staying dry through the night, but we are all good during the day. Although Preston waits until the very last minute to go causing him to do the potty dance. So happy that Matthew is enjoying school and all his activities. What a challenge to give up Playstation for Lent. Good going Matthew. Sorry Ray has to have a procedure on his foot. Ouch.

Greene Family said...

How exciting - one more month and you'll be in your beautiful new home! I can't wait to see more pictures!
It sounds like everyone is doing well there! Yay for being toilet trained and Miss Independent, Tori! She is such a cutie!
Love the picture of Matthew with the butterfly! He sounds like he is having fun with all of his activities! That's great that he has stuck to giving up PlayStation for Lent!
I love scrapbooking too . . . just never seem to have enough time!
I hope Ray has a speedy recovery! That sounds painful to walk around with a piece of glass in your foot for 3 months!

Kasia and Amelia said...

Happy birthday to you two! I love the picture of Matthew with the butterfly, such a great shot! You have beautiful kitchen in your new house! Sending Ray healing energy for his surgery and wishing speedy recovery!!! Thanks for the update!!! Good luck with everything and Happy Easter !

Beke said...

I LOVE that butterfly photo. Its lovely.