Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be gone Paparazzi....

Ok...I said I would try to get some pics of the cupcake making experience, so here they are.

Matthews decorated cake is on the left, Toris on the right....can you see the big difference between them?!

Now what would be a cupcake 'making' experience without a cupcake 'eating' experience to here is the pic of Tori after she had finished eating her cupcake....can you tell she doesn't get chocolate cake too often????

Now you might be wondering about the title of todays blog?
Too bad if you're not, I am going to tell you anyway.

Today while I was in the shower Matthew decided to take some footage of Tori saying, "Ray". Now the video taping isn't that great, and you actually will only hear Tori say, "Ray" twice, and you cant really see her face that well. But you tell me - do you think Tori has the 'Get that camera out of my face' and 'Paparazzi be gone' thing down pat?

I have to give Matthew some credit here....he did what she wanted right away...but then again...with that attitude, who wouldn't?

Bye for now and MWAH!

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Kim said...

SO CUTE! How did I miss this post! She is toooo cute!