Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Not much goss today, we made some cupcakes and had a candlelit dinner for four .... hmmm ... really romantic! Will try to get some pics of the cupcakes and Tori eating one, up here tomorrow - seemed to have misplaced the camera right now (oops).

Ray had a good day speaking with both his Mum and sister, Nancy. It is always good to catch up with the Candian contingent. Today is hard for them and us, being that it was this day, 5 years ago that Rays Dad left us for what I believe to be a better place. We all still miss him lots and I hate the fact that he didn't get to meet the wonderful Tori Rae, even if I do know he is watching over her! I think he would of loved her he loved all his grandkids.

Now, oddly enough, today is the day that Tori has learnt to say "Ray". Well, it comes out more like 'Way', but she is most definatly saying Ray! For those of you that don't know; our Ray is actually Raymond, and Raymond's dad is Ray....this is where Tori got her middle name, so how uncanny is it that she learnt that name today? Kinda nice really!! IYKWIM! Gee I am rambling....sorry....I have got to learn to stop doing that.

Anyways, better go. Hugs and kisses all round with extra big ones to our Canadian family today, we are with you in our thoughts and wish we could be there. Love you all.


Melisa said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Don't ya just love the romantic dinners for four.

Kim said...

What an amazing day that Tori said 'Ray." That is super special. I also meant to comment on your post about "getting real." I applaud you for your honesty. That is a great idea and something I should definitely do! Happy V Day!