Friday, February 13, 2009

Get Real

Last night while checking out some scrapbooking blogs, I came across Lusi Austin's blog. I have only ever seen some of Lusi's work in magazines and have never met or spoken with her, but she threw out a challenge that I feel compelled to attempt. She challenges us to 'Get Real' - to get real with not only ourselves, but to those around us. She challenges us to share the things in our day that wouldn't normally make the cut on our blogs because they make us look 'less than perfect'. So here goes, my first 'Get Real' post:

Really .... when Tori woke up at 7am crying as Ray was walking out the door, I prayed she would go back to sleep and was a little bit miffed when she didn't.

Really .... at 9 years of age I wish that Matthew could get ready for school without having to be yelled at every morning. (I mean really .... how hard is it to get dressed, brush your teeth, make sure your homework is packed and eat your breakfast?)

Really .... my house is a pigsty and I don't really care, except if someone comes over, then I'll 'just die'.

Really .... I didn't want to wake Tori up to go to work on my day off, for a one hour inservice on a new computer program - but I did, just to make my boss happy.

Really .... I saved my grocery shop till today, as my shop is donating all profits today to the Bushfire Appeal. Really .... I got carried away and did my Easter shopping too, when I probably should of donated the money I spent on eggs to the Bushfire Appeal.

Really .... I am having second thoughts on if I should post this.

There you go. My 'less than perfect' post. Hope all is well on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Congratulations to Mark and Kat on the safe arrival of their new baby girl.....woohoo....a new cousin for us!


Melisa said...

It nice to see life isn't much different in the southern hemisphere either...Really.

Anthea said...

Really ... you mean it is the same up there????

lusi said...

Hi Anthea :)
Thanks for being so very real with us all - how many times i have prayed the my kids would go back to sleep and then when they haven't have been miffed too :(
I also had second thoughts on even posting that first thing at all - thought it would be silly but i think (and hope) people are going to be able to relate better to one another because that glossy sheen isn't there. I believe God is able to shape us much more easily when we are open and honest. Good on you - its a brave thing to do!
Do you mind if i add you to the list of bloogers taking part? You don't have to but thought i would ask :)
Love Lusi x