Sunday, September 27, 2009

Have split my blog....

into two!

Decided that splitting the scrapping from the other stuff might be in order. Will see how I go. As I get more organized - I will add a link to the other one. But if you are interested - my new blog is redantscrap . Hope to see some of you there.

Other than the usual colds and coughs at this time of the year. We are all doing well. We are meant to be camping, but the weather is so cold and wet it is just not funny. The house is progressing slowly. Just so that I can say I have kept you updated - here is the latest pic - although from what I hear, the trusses are now up and the roof and gutter will be going on this week. Yeah!

Also - just had to show you this pic of Tori. Last week I go to pick her up from child care and they tell me - oh and tomorrow is dress up day. "What? It is 5.30 at night and you are telling me this now?". "Oh there is a note on the door - it's been there since Monday" they say. I am thinking yeah - I love reading through masses of notes to find the one that applies to me....and it is ONLY Tuesday and Tori doesn't go Mondays...... Anyway - I try not to panic. I mean I have NO costumes at home at all and finding an outfit with less than half an hour before the shops close - that will even come close to fitting Tori is really stretching the friendship - OK killing it really! I don't even try!

I do come home and think what I am going to do?

I have a pile of clothes that someone has just given me to go through - I find a red t-shirt - that needs mending. Well, I decide I have to mend it anyway and that is likely to happen - NEVER - so I draw big black spots on it and some wings on the back with marker. OK - now I need antanae! Yes - it just so happens that I have these massive red pipecleaners on hand (don't quite know why) so I attach them to a black headband. I added in some black pants (which as luck would have it,I had bought the day before), some red socks and some black shoes and voille - what do you have - one very cute Toribug. Not too bad - considering the costume was finished and ready to go at 6pm.

Have a good one everyone....and take care.

Hugs and kisses




Emily said...

Very crafty! WHat a great idea...that is one cute Toribug!

Sue said...

I LOVE that pic! After this and Matthew's giant chocolate block, I am definitely coming to you when I need costumes...LOL

Dina said...

And a gorgeous Toribug to boot ;)

Kim said...

She is a VERY cute ladybug! How creative. I totally would have panicked. Very very good job. The house is coming along. It is built so differently from the ones here in the US. I don't think he used any steel-just wood for the frame. I cannot wait to see the finished product!!!

ROBERTA said...

hello dear, sorry but I only just saw your response on my old blog, but my new site is now ...... I'll wait!
P.S.: yes, i'm a nurse !!!!!
P.P.S.: but your child has that disease?
See you soon :-))))))) kisses