Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some recent scrapping

As usual, I have not been scrapping as much as I would like of late. Between the house, work, kids, etc - just no time.
This weekend however, (between the house, work and kids) I decided to participate in my second Cyber Crop ever and have had a blast. The gals over at Scrapbooking Top 50 have been a blast to hang out with. We are from all over Australia and there is even one gal from the States there.
Anyway - still haven't done a heap of scrapping, as I have been too busy gasbagging with the gals and getting to know them; but this is what I produced on night 2.
This is an all time favourite pic of Matthew and Lily when visiting Canada last year. I reckon they could be models. The challenge here was to have 90% white and the other 10% had to be one colour only - Despite the fact, that I can't get a decent photo - I really like the result.
This second pic is from an online class that I did at Scrapbooking Top 50 about a month ago - I didn't have the kit that everyone else had so had to put it together with my own stuff. I originally did not like this LO too much, but I must admit, it has grown on me. I have included the link to the class if anyone is interested in checking it out.

Well thats it for now! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Hugs to all and MWAH


Sue said...

Hello gorgeous! Just wanted to say thanks for popping in the other night and let you know that I had so much fun chatting! (I was laughing so loudly I thought I was going to wake Brielle.) I adore this LO that you've done (the pic looks fine) and can't wait to see more of your stuff! XXX

Kim said...

I think the pictures came out great. I truly appreciate since I don't scrapbook to see how everyone else's work comes out. OF course you had beautiful pictures to work with! Hope the house is coming along just fine!

Anonymous said...

First, pleassssse tell me what wmh or whatever the letters mean.! Next, let me tell you I LOVE the pages, they are just beautiful and I can't even see them clearly...You have gotten really great with scrapping...I am proud of YOU!
I love you heaps and heaps and do hope you are all fighting fit.. Will call you soon...xoxoxoxoxoxo

Kasia and Amelia said...

What a beautiful artwork! I absolutely love the pitures and your art! Kids are so cute and beautiful, Lvoe, Kasia

Kasia and Amelia said...

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I would love to talk to you as we are thinking about emigrating to Australia some time in the future :-) Would you be willing send me an e-mail? I would very much appreciate it! also please visit Amelia's blog
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Sending you good energy and huggs,
Kasia with family

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