Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please - tell us if we are crazy?????

OK - some of you might already know, but Ray and I have been pretty stressed the past few days over the colour of the bricks that have arrived at the new house.

We ordered a sandstone/cream/beige brick (whatever you want to call it) and we feel we got more of a brown/ tan brick. The 1st and 3rd bricks in this pile are the sample that we were shown and that we ordered (the first brick is slightly darker than the 3rd because we soaked it in water as we were told that is why the bricks were different.)

The 2nd and 4th bricks however is a sample of what has been delivered to the house and the builders have started to lay.

Tell us - and please be honest!!!!!!

a) Do these bricks look the same?

b) If this were your house, would you be happy to take the darker brick (even though you ordered the lighter one), because it is close enough and they are 'only a couple of shades darker?

I really would love some opinions here....from everyone and anyone who visits - we just need to know if we are stressing too much and is this really is an 'acceptable difference' that we just need to learn to live with.

Thanks for your opinions.......



Melisa said...

That is a tough one and hard to give an opinion. I am a bit partial to the lighter ones. However, it also kind of depends on the landscape, architecture, and the area around the home for me to make the final decision. If you both like the lighter version...go with your hearts. It's YOUR home and lots of $$$$ is being invested into the property.

Beth said...

a. No
b. No, probably not

I do hope you get it sorted out Anthea!

Emily said...

If the lighter is what you ordered, then that is what you should have!!! Don't settle for anything less than what makes you happy. From the pic, it looks like there is quite a difference in the shades, so stand your ground and make the company correct their error.

Kim said...

There is a huge difference in the shades. When my parents were building their house we received a picture every couple of days. They completely put the wrong thing around the door. One phone call and my father made them take it all down and start over. If you want the lighter color, than don't settle. This is your dream home. If you want-ask the builder if they have ever used that color brick and take a drive to see a house all done. Otherwise stick to your guns!!!

Laura Wolf said...

Yes, there is a difference in the shades. If it's not what you want, then have it done right. Maybe there was a mix up or possible between batches of bricks the color darkened. Sometimes when they switch suppliers for ingredients for the bricks this results in a different color. Have you company investigate or you might have to go through picking out new bricks.

Anonymous said...

I would deffinately be going to the brick company and saying which you ordered. If they ordered something and didnt get what they ordered they would be complaining. They should honour what you ordered and paid for. There is a difference in colour that is noticeable.

Diane and Pierre said...

The other color might also look good. It is hard to tell. But if Ray and you have any doubts that you would regret going for the darker one, don`t do it and go with your original choice. If your choice is clearly indicated in the contract, go for it and if in the worst case scenario it cannot be corrected, a compensation should be in order. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

When I see them like this,I agree with all the otheres... They didn't look as bad when I saw them live. I know you Ant, and Ray, if your not happy you will sort it out..Good luck. Mum xoxo

Binxcat1 said...

Hiya, just sticky beaking at your scrapping and loving it all. As for the bricks, the brick companies will tell you that the differences in shading is all to do with the batch processing blah, blah, blah (I have a friend who works for a brick company)... if you REALLY want them all the same colour then yes, jump up and down and get them changed... BUT be warned it is often difficult to get exact matches apparently and you could be delaying your build. If you decide you don't need the stress don't get too upset about it... when the brickies actually start laying them they should be taking bits and pieces from different pallets to blend them all together... so the end product is actually quite a subtle, blended effect.